What Would You Like to Know?

The Bible is the most important source of knowledge for mankind. It contains answers to many of life's most critical questions. Below you will find a brief list of of questions and where to find answers.

How did it all begin? Gen. 1-2

Where did the different languages come from? Gen. 11

Should we be impressed by our own knowledge or power? Job 38-41

What was Jesus' suffering like on the cross? Psa. 22

Should we praise God? Psa. 103-104

Does God know us? Psa. 139

What is the value of wisdom? Prov. 8

Does sin transfer from one generation to another? Eze. 18

Must we submit to the demands of ungodly rulers? Dan. 3

Should we trust in our own power? Dan. 4

Who is the greatest? Matt. 18

Where are examples of Jesus' power and teaching? Mark 1 & Luke 9

Can Jesus raise us from the dead? John 11

Should we teach people out of religious ignorance? Acts 17

Are we to conform ourselves to this world? Rom. 12

Are we to desire unity? Eph. 4

What should we do while we wait for the coming of the Lord? 1 Thes. 5