We are posting sermons on our YouTube Channel RonThePreacherGuy!

Sundays:  Hybrid situation.  We are on a attendance rotation to limit the number of individuals in the building and maximize member participation.  Those who stay home and anyone who'd like to "visit" can follow along on Sundays via FACEBOOK LIVE. Click on the Facebook widget (square button) on our  homepage and find instructions pinned to the top of our Facebook page).  

Wednesdays:  We meet online via Go To Meeting.  Click on the widget (Wednesday Parables Square Button) on our homepage to find the link and dial in information.

We post sermons on our You Tube Channel (RonThePreacherGuy)- they are available Monday or Tuesday to view!

When we meet in the building we will:

  • Maintain appropriate social distance.
  • Send announcement ahead of time remininding high risk and sick individuals to stay home.
  • Display signs for hand washing.
  • Ensure ready access to hand sanitizer, sinks with water, soap, and papter towels.
  • Politely ask individuals to leave if they are sick and coughing.