Spring Classes will begin on March 3, 2019

Sunday Classes  ~  Wednesday Classes  ~  Men's Classes  ~  Ladies Classes



Adult & Teens- Ron Carpenter will be teaching the adults and teen boys in the auditorium.  Kathy Carpenter and Tiffany Rosario will be teaching High School and College women in the conference room.

Marriage Class:  A study on LOVE & RESPECT.  Chuck Ford and Ron Carpenter will take turns facilitating the class.  Each class session there will be a Bible based video presentation followed by instructor led Q & A session.   These classes have now been moved to IN-HOME classes.  Look for future offerings of this class.

Children  Toddlers Heart Shaper

Children- Pre K & K Heart Shaper

Children- Early Elementary-Heart Shaper Grades 1-2

Children- Middle Elementary Grades 3-5


Adults & Teens: Proverbs and 2 Peter 1:5-7.  Facilitated by Dave Runner and Various Men.

Children's Class (ages 12 and under)- A New Curriculum featuring Shaping Hearts.

Men's Classes: 

The men of the congregation meet throughout the year for studies together in their various homes.  In addition to Bible Study they plan and schedule social events, meals, acts of service, and much more.  

Ladies Classes:  NOTE- At least one class date has changed since the publishing of the poster below.  Check with one of our members to confirm the date.

The ladies of this congregation get together one Sunday afternoon a month for studies that are relevant to WOMEN! 

For the 2018-2019 series they are participating in a study titled Loving God's Plan for Us: A Journaling Bible Study for Women.

In addition to monthly studies these women do an annual beach retreat and a variety of events together that are service and /or social in nature.