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Congregational Meeting
Gospel Meetings
Ladies Class
Men's Bible Study
Singing Services
Song Workshop
Summer Series (Wednesday Nights)
Worship Assemblies
Wednesday Night Bible Study
01/01/20, 07:00pm
Sunday Morning Bible Study
01/05/20, 09:30am
Sunday Morning Worship
01/05/20, 10:30am
Put On Christ (Clothe Yourselves in Christ)
01/05/20, 01:00pm

A Ladies Bible Study from Colossians 3:1-17. Clothing ourselves in Christ.

Wednesday Night Bible Study
01/08/20, 07:00pm
01/11/20, 08:00am

Men's Breakfast every 2nd Saturday of the Month. Contact Ben Johnson for information.

Sunday Morning Bible Study
01/12/20, 09:30am
Sunday Morning Worship
01/12/20, 10:30am
Wednesday Night Bible Study
01/15/20, 07:00pm
Sunday Morning Bible Study
01/19/20, 09:30am
Sunday Morning Worship
01/19/20, 10:30am
Wednesday Night Bible Study
01/22/20, 07:00pm
Manly Exhorations
01/25/20, 07:00pm

A Saturday evening Bible Study for men. The men will meet in various homes for study and classes wlil be facilitated by 6 different men . Some months there will be a dinner involved, a breakfast or just dessert- to this end the times will be adjusted accordingly. At the conclusion of this Manly series, there will be a Men's Retreat in which the study will be continued with a focus on exhortations from Philippians. More information on the retreat will be announced at the classes.

Sunday Morning Bible Study
01/26/20, 09:30am
Sunday Morning Worship
01/26/20, 10:30am
Wednesday Night Bible Study
01/29/20, 07:00pm